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For every type of pest problem, our experts have a wide range of solutions

5 Star Protection

Trained specialists and technicians at the highest levels of quality and safety.

Fast pest removal

Effective results via Using and following the latest innovative methods of exterminating and controlling insects and rodents.

Licensed & protected

We use the latest, safest and most effective chemical pesticides
Approved and recommended by (WHO) and (EPA) And it is in compliance with the Saudi regulations for pesticides.

Free Inspection

We will inspect your home thoroughly and completely from top to bottom inside and out
In search of current or potential pest problems.

Friendly support

24/ 7 / 365 ready to help and support.

Guaranteed Service

A comprehensive warranty on all works.


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Optimal Pest Control offers annual plans to protect your home from insects and pests at great discounts.

Standard one time visit

Prices are based on building size and type of insects


1 year protection, Prices various depend on size of building

Integrated pest management


Record Keeping

Pest control With Pesticides

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    The cost varies according to the type of insects and according to the area, so you must know the type of insects in addition to the area of the building to clarify the appropriate price.

    In the event that the customer has pest control with a guarantee of 3 months, we provide a free visit in the event of renewed insect infestation.

    We often do not require our customers to leave the house if we use odorless products

    But in the case of using pesticides with a strong smell in order to preserve the general health of the family and not to affect the breathing of ordinary people, we prefer you to stay outside the home from 4 to 6 hours from the time of the completion of the pest control process inside the home.